The Tacarigua Seventh-day Adventist Church is located in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. Formally dedicated on October 30th, 1983, this church strives to be a light in the community by God's grace. The church was renovated in 2015 and formally rededicated on October 18th, 2015. The name "Seventh-day Adventist" speaks of the fact that:

  • We believe in the Seventh day of the week as the Sabbath, and worship on that day.
  • We believe in the Advent or coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and live our lives in accordance with His Second Coming.

As a Christian church, Seventh-day Adventists are a faith community rooted in the beliefs described by the Holy Scriptures. Adventists describe these beliefs in the following ways:

God's greatest desire is for you to see a clear picture of His character. When you see Him clearly, you will find His love irresistible.

For many, "seeing God clearly" requires that they see God's face. However, how He looks is not the issue. Seeing and understanding His character is what's most important. The more clearly we understand Him, the more we will find His love irresistible. As we begin to experience His love, our own lives will begin to make more sense.

God most clearly reveals His character in three great events. The first is His creation of man and woman--and His giving them the freedom of choice. He created humans with the ability to choose to love Him or to hate Him! The death of Jesus Christ, God's only Son, on the cross as our substitute is the second great event. In that act He paid the penalty we deserve for our hateful choices toward God and His ways. Jesus' death guarantees forgiveness for those choices and allows us to spend eternity with Him. The third event confirms the first two and fills every heart with hope: Christ's tomb is empty! He is alive, living to fill us with His love! Further information can be obtained from the General Conference Website at



Currently our Pastor is Pastor Prince Carew. Our First Elder is Elder Peter Smith.